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At Rise Up Recovery, we encourage you to immerse yourself in outdoor adventures and relaxation through hiking, yoga, massage, beach outings, and the surf therapy that our program has to offer.

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Rise Up Recovery offers a full-spectrum of addiction treatment through our integrated programs of behavioral healthcare located in beautiful Dana Point, California.


Detoxification is the first step you take to recover from addiction safely. Under the supervision of our trained staff, you will undergo a sub-acute detox process by cleansing your body of all the toxins that cause the dependence to drugs.

Residential Inpatient

Residential Treatment offers an environment to live in without the temptations of the real world and easy access to drugs and alcohol. Residential inpatient provides a new location which helps prevent readily available substances within reach. You will undergo therapy to learn a new lifestyle along with new beneficial habits.

Aftercare & Recovery

Aftercare is the process of providing support once an individual decides they are ready to move on from a structured treatment program. It is completed by allowing the individual to work with our staff and have a support system in place to help with the transition into the real world.

Recovery Awaits You

Whether you are looking for detoxification or an inpatient drug rehab in Orange County, Rise Up Recovery has your solution. Our beautiful facility is situated in Dana Point, CA offers our clients a serene setting with luxury amenities provides you with the best setting to recover from substance abuse. Learn more about our facility and take a tour today.

frequently asked questions

Why is Treatment Needed?

Treatment is needed when someone can’t stop using on their own. Addiction treatment allows the user to get away from the stress and problems of the real world to take the time to focus on their self. This helps allow the treatment program to take course and separate the user from the drugs and break away from the addiction.

How Can Rise Up Recovery Help?

Rise Up Recovery has a friendly and professional staff who has been through addiction and can really connect with the people who decide to come here. Our staff will provide support no matter where and when it is needed.

Is Inpatient Better Than Outpatient?

This depends on what level of treatment is needed. Inpatient provides a more structured environment where you live at the facility where as outpatient is less structured and often times a person travels to the facility for therapy.

How Can I Afford to Go to Rehab?

Most of the time, insurance can cover the cost if you have insurance that covers out-of-network providers. We want our program to be as inexpensive as possible for you if you’re seeking treatment. We provide a free insurance benefits check to see what your insurance will cover.

let our clients share their experience with you

  • I walked into Rise Up’s doors a shell of myself. I was broken and hopeless. The Rise Up staff not only loved me until I could love myself, but they also gave me a foundation I have been able to build a life worth living today. They gave me knowledge of the 12 steps and tools I can use for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for Rise Up!

    Alex G. Alumni
  • Rise up recovery center was a true turning point for me in my life . When I walked in there I was broken and beat up with no hope but all I knew was that I needed change. Everyone there went above and beyond to help me become the person I am today. It’s was a very spiritual experience for me, it restored my sanity and gave me the hope and strength  I needed to move on and better my life. I am truly blessed to have walked in those doors when I did and be able to be apart of such a real life changing atmosphere.

    Sean L. Alumni
  • Rise Up Recovery was life-changing. It was the best rehab facility I've been to, and I learned lessons that I will take with me.

    Ryan O. Alumni
  • My experience was progressive considering the learning process. My therapist and Antonio treated us all as individuals.

    Edward R. Alumni
  • My experience at Rise Up Recovery was very helpful and caring, I had a great time here. Kara gave me a lot of tools to help me grow when I apply them to my life. Meditation, group therapy, and outings were very helpful for my recovery

    Shawn W. Alumni
  • I had an awesome experience and got so much out of the time I spent here. I learned a lot of coping skills that will help me in sobriety. I had a wonderful time at Rise Up Recovery.

    Wimalee P.
  • Rise Up Recovery gave me the foundation for IOP. I had a great time here.

    Jordan R. Alumni
  • I had a very positive experience at Rise Up Recovery. I was opened up to an open-minded and intelligent community. They gave me habits to pursue further in my daily life.

    Alex G. Alumni

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