What you Get with 1 Year of Sobriety

You’ll breathe a sigh of relief after you accomplish a full year of sobriety. One year is a significant accomplishment, and you should be proud of yourself for going 365 days without drinking or using drugs! You will look and feel healthier and better about yourself after discontinuing using drugs and alcohol. The physiological shift … Read more

4 Stages of Addiction

Every person’s journey to addiction is unique. Some people take their time, while others jump from 0 to 10 in a short time. Regardless of how long your journey is, most rehabilitation counselors agree that there are four main stages of drug addiction: experimentation, regular use, risky use/abuse, and drug addiction and dependency. Although not … Read more

Why it’s Important to Have a Support System When Recovering

Addiction can be a chronic disease and it takes time to overcome it. Support systems are crucial for recovery as they provide the necessary tools and resources to maintain sobriety and promote healthy living. Support systems come in many forms: from friends and family members, working with a therapist, or peer-led support group. Many people … Read more

The Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Quitting drinking is one of the most difficult but rewarding things to accomplish. Symptoms of alcohol abuse are the anxiety that comes with dependency, loneliness, and health problems like liver disease, high blood pressure, alcoholic hepatitis, and more. Drinking excessively can lead to physical and mental health problems and once you get rid of the … Read more

The Effects Of Drugs On The Body

Long term effects of drugs on the body vary depending on how and why they are used. Illegal drugs are known to have many long term effects on the body. These include respiratory and digestive problems, damage to the nervous system, heart attacks, inflammation of the liver, and changes to the functioning of the reproductive … Read more

What Happens to Your Body and Mind During Detox?

Before anyone can understand what happens to their body and brain during recovery from drug addiction, they must first understand how the brain functions. The human brain is designed to react to basic triggers and emotional states of a person. When drug addicts ingest a certain type of drug, their brain sends signals out to … Read more

What Increases the Risk of Drug Addiction?

There are a lot of questions surrounding the question of what increases the risk of drug addiction. This type of addiction is more prevalent than many people think. Although there are some drugs that are more likely to cause drug addiction than others, it really depends on the person taking the drugs and why they … Read more

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are very common when you’re trying to recover from a drug addiction. When we decide to quit drugs for whatever reason, it’s usually because we have a problem. Withdrawal can be quite difficult, causing some people to go through cravings and shaking that comes along with withdrawal. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal … Read more

How to Help a Loved One with Addiction Recovery

If someone you love is suffering from drug addiction, you likely have many questions about addiction and rehabilitation options such as drug and alcohol rehab. There are a number of different ways that people overcome drug addiction but it often takes professional assistance. This may mean going to drug rehab or other facility. Here are … Read more