Drug and Alcohol Rehab For

New York Residents

Rise Up Recovery offers a full-spectrum of addiction treatments to New York residents through our integrated programs of behavioral healthcare located in beautiful Dana Point, California.

New York residents are not covered by insurance for in-state rehabs. Individuals must travel outside of the state to receive the care and attention they need for a successful recovery. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with technology that promises high quality treatment and help you focus on healing and rehabilitation without any distractions.


Rise Up Rehab is a multidisciplinary clinic that specializes in treating patients who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction.


Our properties are safe & luxurious, meaning that you get all the comfort and care you need without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.


Rise Up Rehab is a full-service addiction rehab center that provides a safe, private comfortable, and healing environment for all individuals.


At Rise Up Rehab, you'll have daily one-on-one counseling sessions with a trained professional who will understand you and your addiction.

Steps For Getting Into Treatment With Rise Up Rehab

Step 1: Tell Us Your Story

You've identified that you have a problem and would like to take the journey to recovery with Rise Up Recovery. Contact our dedicated admissions staff to tell us your story at any time. We will delicately discuss your troubles and provide you with rehabilitation options that suit your needs. Call (844) REHAB-OC and share with us what leads you to call and why you want to start your journey with Rise Up Recovery. 

Step 2. Screening & Pre Admission

During pre-admissions and screening, our staff at Rise Up Recovery will have you answer questions to better understand your needs; mentally, physically, and emotionally, as well as other detailed questions about your history with substance abuse, your family's history with substance abuse, and medication requirements.

Step 3: Finance and Insurance

At this time, our admissions office will verify your insurance (if applicable) to ensure the level of care needed is covered by your provider. Rise Up Recovery is a top Aetna-approved insurance rehabilitation center. We will discuss finances such as payment plans, budges, and more during this time. We offer flexibility for individuals who are financially unstable or on a restricted income.

Step 4: Plan Your Stay

Whether you live in Southern California or reside in another state or country, our dedicated and seasoned staff will help you plan any and all arrangements to our facility to begin treatment. We will provide you with everything you need to know before you arrive, such as a packing list, travel schedule, and any additional assistance you may require.

Step 5: Begin Your Recovery

Once you arrive at Rise Up Recovery, our passionate staff members will provide you with comprehensive medical and psychological screening to determine the level of care needed during your treatment. During this time, we will provide and individualized treatment plan to get you on a successful recovery here at Rise Up.









Southern California Treatment Center for New York Residents

New York is known for having a high drug addiction rate so in state rehabs are not going to be the best option to beat your addiction. Rise Up Rehab offers out-of-state rehabilitation opportunities to get away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol. You are not alone in this fight. There are thousands of people just like you, in New York, that are going through the same struggles and our team here would like to help you. We offer the best possible substance abuse treatment located in Southern California, where there is little risk of relapsing.

Our compassionate staff are highly experienced and caring individuals who are readily available for support during your stay in our luxury treatment center. We offer an environment that is designed to be relaxing and welcoming with amenities like social events, yoga, meditation, and surfing classes. From day one, you will experience the care and support you need to recover.



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