• I walked into Rise Up’s doors a shell of myself. I was broken and hopeless. The Rise Up staff not only loved me until I could love myself, but they also gave me a foundation I have been able to build a life worth living today. They gave me knowledge of the 12 steps and tools I can use for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for Rise Up!

    Alex G. Alumni
  • Rise up recovery center was a true turning point for me in my life . When I walked in there I was broken and beat up with no hope but all I knew was that I needed change. Everyone there went above and beyond to help me become the person I am today. It’s was a very spiritual experience for me, it restored my sanity and gave me the hope and strength  I needed to move on and better my life. I am truly blessed to have walked in those doors when I did and be able to be apart of such a real life changing atmosphere.

    Sean L. Alumni
  • Rise Up Recovery was life-changing. It was the best rehab facility I've been to, and I learned lessons that I will take with me.

    Ryan O. Alumni
  • My experience was progressive considering the learning process. My therapist and Antonio treated us all as individuals.

    Edward R. Alumni
  • My experience at Rise Up Recovery was very helpful and caring, I had a great time here. Kara gave me a lot of tools to help me grow when I apply them to my life. Meditation, group therapy, and outings were very helpful for my recovery

    Shawn W. Alumni
  • I had an awesome experience and got so much out of the time I spent here. I learned a lot of coping skills that will help me in sobriety. I had a wonderful time at Rise Up Recovery.

    Wimalee P.
  • Rise Up Recovery gave me the foundation for IOP. I had a great time here.

    Jordan R. Alumni
  • I had a very positive experience at Rise Up Recovery. I was opened up to an open-minded and intelligent community. They gave me habits to pursue further in my daily life.

    Alex G. Alumni

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