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What Exactly Is Aftercare?

Getting rid of drug addiction is not an easy job, especially if you are not getting the right help. In Dana Point CA, many people spend so much money to recover their loved ones from addictions. However, some end up looking for other rehab services after a short time, mainly because the previous center did not provide the right aftercare services.

Rehab aftercare services refer to the process of preparing a treated patient for the world once more. While addiction treatment is the main agenda, without quality aftercare, the patient can easily backslide.

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Why is Aftercare Needed?


When someone is addicted to drugs, their mindset changes, and they can do unbelievable things in order to get their urge satisfied. You will find that most drug addicts are not in good terms with the people around them, especially if they cannot easily afford the drugs. That is why you will find that some addicts go to the extent of stealing from their families and friends.

This kind of behavior makes society despise drug addicts and will usually avoid associating with them. During aftercare, a recovering patient is prepared for the world. That’s because he or she will be approaching the world as a different person. Aftercare services also help the patient to accept and pick up their lives from where they left.

Aftercare services play a significant role in preventing relapse because it’s the worst thing that can happen to a patient who is from a long recovering process.

How Our Aftercare Program Can Help

Part of recovering should include measures to prevent relapse. That is why part of our aftercare services requires the patient to be part of a recovery group. Counseling sessions will still be ongoing as the patient will be monitored closely for a while until it is entirely determined that they can fight relapse. Other than getting you to be clean, our aftercare services haves also helped our patients to;

Repair broken bonds

Drug addicts at times can lose their minds and behave in such a way that a sober person can never do. You have heard of addicts who have even gotten to the level of robbing people to get their supply. During aftercare, patients usually are advised to seek peace with the people they wronged. Some families are never easy on drug addicts, and once you go down that road, you will almost have no family. Getting back to such families is not easy without adequate mental preparation. During aftercare, patients are told how to manage such stresses without resolving to use drugs.

Identify and avoid your triggers

Typically, for someone to start using drugs, something has to trigger their minds. Whether it is friends or specific situations that trigger your urge to use drugs, you will never know about it unless you undergo quality after service. Continuously identifying your triggers will help you keep away from addiction problems. Note that it is hard to realize your triggers because in most cases, they are only known to our sub cautious mind. That is why you find that people who smoke cigarettes will unknowingly draw one and light it up whenever they are nervous.

Goal setting

When patients are about to leave the rehab center, they usually are advised to set goals. The essence of this is to keep their minds occupied and focused on essential things in life. In most cases, these goals are in terms of personal achievements that will once more get the patient back to when they were sane and not addicts. Goal setting is a very delicate process because it needs to be in line with the interests of the patients. Some rehab centers that lack professionalism tend to help patients to set goals that are not real. That is why you need to ensure that your aftercare provider is a well-trained professional that is not hungry for money.

Aftercare Services We Offer

Relapse Prevention & Management

Because you completed your addiction treatment and even had aftercare does not mean that you will never backslide. Keeping mind that for human beings, you can never be too sure because most of their actions are influenced by the situation they are currently dealing with. There are even some patients who have been clean from drugs for years but end up going back to addiction. A right aftercare service provider should be able to provide the patient with how to deal with relapse in case it happens. That is why many rehabilitation centers will want to connect their patients to help groups and other recovery help practices.

Enhanced Stress Management

Receiving addiction treatment in a rehab is nothing close to carrying on with the mission in the outside world. There will be no people around to watch over you not forgetting the bunch of new friends that you much depended on for peer support while at the rehab. This added to other experiences that recovering patients go through, one can undergo so much stress, and we all know how stress is a significant contributor to drug addiction. However, with the right stress management skills plus an enhanced interpersonal relationship, a recovering drug addict should have no trouble with their treatment.

Identify and Treat Co-occurring Disorders

Drug addiction can be accompanied by other disorders that can change your life forever. If you have a patient that is experiencing complications that are brought by due to drug addiction, it is essential to find the right treatment for the diseases. That is because, to some people, they act as triggers, and whenever the symptoms are high, they will want to use drugs once more. Several medications are available in the market that can be used to alleviate such disorders and give the patient peace and a chance to redeem themselves.

Get the Right Type of Help

Because people are different, and you never know when someone will need to be motivated to maintain being clean. That is why you will find that the best aftercare services include connecting the patient to enough sources of help in case they trip along the way. Note that getting back to drug addiction after leaving a right rehab center is hard because you will have the right things to do to keep you in line.

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Aftercare & Recovery

Aftercare is the process of providing support once an individual decides they are ready to move on from a structured treatment program. It is completed by allowing the individual to work with our staff and have a support system in place to help with the transition into the real world.

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