Residential Inpatient Program


What Is Residential Inpatient?

Dealing with abuse can get to extreme levels if not handled in time. While some addicts manage to get out of the trap, some need professional help. Rehabilitation centers have helped several families to rescue their loved ones from bad addiction. There are many kinds of recoveries centers with the main ones being residential and non-residential centers. The difference between the two is; residential rehab centers offer patients admission while the non-residential ones provide their services while the patient continues living normally.

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What To Expect From A Residential Inpatient Program

Addiction can be extreme to levels that no one expects. You have heard of addicts who have done unbelievable things to get access to their comfort.

In most cases, this is possible because the addict knows that there is access at the end of the struggle. However, if they are kept in an environment where there is no hope of getting the drug, it forces them to adapt. This usually the first step to recovery because the mind accepts defeat and is desperate for help. Also, some addictions can have deadly withdrawal effects to the user is the user withdraws abruptly. In our facility, we help such patients through a controlled withdrawal process where the patient body is conditioned to get used functioning without their drugs.

Many people don’t know it, but addiction patients go through a lot, especially at night. That is because, it is when they find time to settle, and since there is nothing serious to do, their urge can get the best of them. With professional care around, such patients will find it easier to overcome their problem because there is always someone around to help them get through. Other than that, these patients need to be monitored closely because some of them feel as if they are not wanted in this world. Our team of experts not only ensure that our patients are comfortable but also ensure that they complete their medical treatments. They also engage the patients in other activities to distract them from their life stresses.

How Our Inpatient Program Can Help You

Workshops and Learning

Another part of fighting addiction is understanding the situation. That is because, if you know more about what you are going through, you will usually begin focusing on the solution. The same concept applies to recovering addicts. Typically, patients undergoing the same problems are grouped in training and seminars. The essence of this is to allow them to learn from each other’s’ experiences. Also, this enables them to understand that their condition can happen to anyone and that they are not worst off. One effect of addiction to the victims is making them feel isolated, especially if the friends and family are against their bad habit.

Monitoring and Counseling

Keeping a close watch on an addict is essential and can make the recovery process faster. Regular counseling will help them remember why they need to do the right thing, and since the doctor is always around, it will be easier for the patient to focus. The kind of attention that an inpatient gets is nothing compared to stay at home patients. That is because there is nobody to carefully watch their progress and help to keep them encouraged when they need it most. Many people fail to recognize the small things that addiction patients do as a move to get out of their addiction. Without recognition, one feels discouraged and can quickly get back to their addiction. Through monitoring, however, every little effort is recognized and well rewarded.

Support from Peers

Because everyone in a recovery center wants to get rid of their addiction, everyone supports one another to reach this goal. This is a good feeling because it is better than being surrounded by people who want to advice you yet have no experience. Because every patient has a different experience and reason for becoming an addict, they find it easy to motivate each other and also get motivated because they all understand the amount of harm their addiction has caused in their lives. One of the main reason why people in Dana Point seek rehabilitation services is that they would like to be accepted back in the community and families. With the goal already clear, everyone will want to work together towards it.

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Detoxification is the first step you take to recover from addiction safely. Under the supervision of our trained staff, you will undergo a sub-acute detox process by cleansing your body of all the toxins that cause dependence to drugs.

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Residential Inpatient

Residential Treatment offers an environment to live in without the temptations of the real world and easy access to drugs and alcohol. Residential inpatient provides a new location that helps prevent readily available substances within reach. You will undergo therapy to learn a new lifestyle along with new beneficial habits.

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Aftercare & Recovery

Aftercare is the process of providing support once an individual decides they are ready to move on from a structured treatment program. It is completed by allowing the individual to work with our staff and have a support system in place to help with the transition into the real world.

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