What Happens to Your Body and Mind During Detox?

Before anyone can understand what happens to their body and brain during recovery from drug addiction, they must first understand how the brain functions. The human brain is designed to react to basic triggers and emotional states of a person. When drug addicts ingest a certain type of drug, their brain sends signals out to their receptors that help them overcome the physical cravings by changing the chemical reactions within their bodies.

The brain chemistry changes when drug addicts consume the drug. This changes the connections between brain cells that are responsible for receiving and sending impulses. These impulses tell these brain cells to release natural chemicals and cause the body to experience a “high”. As these brain cells release and build up again, they cause the drug addiction that drug addicts suffer.

While at drug rehab centers, you will most likely be subjected to an initial detoxification period. During this time, you will be monitored by nurses and psychotherapists. This helps you change your behaviors and change your habits that have led you to drug addiction in the first place. You will be encouraged to identify negative behaviors and thoughts, and to confront them head-on. Once you are free from the drug of choice, you will have a new path in which to begin a drug addiction recovery process.

In addition to what happens to your body and mind during detox, you may also experience withdrawal symptoms. This is when your body releases endorphins, which are natural pain-relieving and mood elevating substances, into your system. These withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from several hours to a few days, depending on your current drug addiction and your body’s ability to flush the drug out.

One of the many positive aspects of entering drug rehab is that you will receive help. Your treatment team will consist of medical professionals, including a psychiatrist and a psychologist. These individuals will work with you to find the underlying causes of your drug abuse. In many drug rehab centers, these experts are combined into one treatment team . This allows for comprehensive care for your needs as you work through rehabilitation.

After detox, you will be monitored closely by a drug rehab center therapist. This person is there to provide you with comfort and emotional support while you deal with your cravings and the after effects of withdrawal. During treatment, you may be prescribed medication to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms. Medication is not necessary at all times, however, and can often help those who suffer from drug addiction problems to maintain their cravings between drug rehab sessions. It should be used only as a last resort to control a drug addict’s cravings.

You should also be aware that what happens to your body and mind during detox can have permanent effects on your life. For example, you may become severely depressed due to being so dependent upon drugs. Your mental health and general well-being will begin to decline, and you may become unable to take care of yourself. If you are considering drug rehab, you should make sure that you are ready for it. There is no easier way to get clean than through drug rehab.

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