Why it’s Important to Have a Support System When Recovering

Addiction can be a chronic disease and it takes time to overcome it. Support systems are crucial for recovery as they provide the necessary tools and resources to maintain sobriety and promote healthy living. Support systems come in many forms: from friends and family members, working with a therapist, or peer-led support group. Many people who are recovering from addiction feel like they’re on their own and that no one understands what they are going through and that feeling of isolation can make the relapse process even harder for them in their journey to recovery.

Drug and alcohol recovery is a tough and lonely process. It might seem too difficult to continue recovery and feel un-motivating however; the end result is worth it. Life will start looking up when you move on from your addiction and start to live healthier. The best route to this is enrolling in a rehabilitation facility that focuses on addiction and will help build the tools needed to have a successful recovery.


Supporting a recovering patients’ physical health also supports them mentally. Managing withdrawal or other symptoms might be complicated and you might be overwhelmed about what you have to do. We’ll help assess the current status and symptoms, treat them in a way that will maintain a healthy life, and Rise Up Recovery will continue to be motivating through substance abuse treatment and detoxing.


Stable housing and home life play a critical role for those in recovery because it creates a safe space for individuals suffering from addiction. It is more common for recovering addicts to relapse and consume more health care resources when their home life is unstable. That is why inpatient care is usually recommended for those who don’t have the optimum place to stay.


When making the transition from rehab to a normal life, the dramatic change might cause people to relapse due to being overwhelmed. What helps is finding a purpose in their life that encourages sobriety and helps them make the change for the better.


Support from a community comes from a group of people that can offer resources and support to keep up sobriety. Normally, these groups would meet up weekly and share meetings and provide the sense of belonging recovering individuals need. Sometimes they might even offer a good environment to stay in or even some clothes for an upcoming job interview. Community support provides encouragement and motivation to do better and be better.

To learn more about what types of support you can receive during recovery, contact our admissions offices at Rise Up Recovery here or contact (844) 734-2262.

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